What Sets Us Apart


We partner with our clients; working alongside them focusing on achieving their financial goals through comprehensive planning, management of investment assets, and risk management.  As an independent firm, we manufacture no product.  In fact, we partner our clients with the product or vendor that helps them reach their goals, independently analyzing each situation to ensure our clients' needs are placed first.  Our clients interests are put first to avoid concerns about the fiduciary responsibility we have with our advice.  We endeavor to serve our clients fully creating long-term relationships, and this is achieved through the integrity of our analysis, honesty of our recommendations, and striving for excellence in each area of our practice.

A steward is defined as - a person who manages another's property or financial affairs; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others.  This stewardship approach to our clients' resources, trust, and time is what sets Evans Financial Partners apart.  Our purpose is to build, manage, and preserve wealth for our clients.  This frees them to pursue the calling for their individual time and talents.  We measure our success by our client's ability to reach their goals, understand the process, and our ability to partner with them in each phase of their lives.

The goal of Evans Financial Partners is to serve our clients and our community.  It is a relationship driven practice that protects this culture by limiting the number of new relationships each year.  Limiting new clients allows us to remain service oriented, allowing proactive interaction and accountability on the completion of recommendations.  We believe every interaction we have with clients provides an opportunity to build loyalty or lose it.

By engaging our firm you will have an advocate sitting beside you with your interests in mind, prompt, personal response to questions and directions, recommendations suited to your interests, and your wishes respected.